The Worlds Most  Innovative Business Cards

The team at Magic Metalcard has years of experience in creating innovative business cards using metal. We excel at designing and producing business cards that are a little out of the ordinary. 

Ordering a bespoke business card can be daunting. We aim to take the pain out of the process by providing a free design service. Our designers do not believe in templates. Instead they give your business card design the time and attention it deserves, ensuring that the finished article is as unique as you and your organisation. 

Metal Business Cards
Our metal business cards make a statement. Manufactured from cosmetic grade, rolled stainless steel using state of the art photo-etching, automated milling and electrophoretic processes, they marry form and function perfectly. By intricately cutting through the steel and etching into its surface, we bring your dream business card to life.
  Free Design Service
We have years of experience in designing creative artwork for plastic and metal business cards, as well as standard cards and stationery. We provide a completely free design service and are happy to take care of the artwork for you. We will create a digital mockup using our innovative proofing system showing how the design would look once printed.